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    Name:Genuine Samsung Galaxy note 5 earphone headset black EO-EG920BB
    Product introduction: Brand : Samsung Galaxy
    Model: EO-EG920BB
    Color: Black earphone
    Quality :Genuine original
    Fit for : For samsung galaxy note 5
    Connectors: 3.5mm plug
    Type: Wired earphone
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     Genuine Samsung Galaxy note 5 earphone headset black EO-EG920BB 



    The EO-EG920BB earphone is original genuine quality ,and you would not worry about its quality ,

    The samsung galaxy earphone is fit for samsung galaxy note 5 ,when you choose that earphone for your samsung note 5 ,which can give you the clear

    sound and protect your phone and do less harm to your earphone .

    If you use the fake earphone ,when you listen to the call or the music for a while,you will have an earache and feel very uncomfortable .

    The earphone is black ,if you did not want your earphone become dirty easier ,it is a good choice for you to choose the black original samsung galaxy earphone .

    The EO-EG920BB earphone with a outside box package which is good for sale and that is easier for carrying .

    The design of EO-EG920BB earplug is humanization.