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    iPhone 7 VS iPhone 8

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    Apple's iPhone7 and 7 plus has become the most common iPhone model in the United States,  owns 34% installation base. Apple 8 will be released in September, do not know whether the iPhone 8 can shake the position of iPhone 7 ? the release date and cost of iPhone 8 are not confirmed yet , but it seems no doubt that the Apple phone 8 set off boom again .
    Consumer Intelligence Research Partners expressed,in about 141 million mobile phones,about 4.8 million units are iPhone 7/7 Plus,has already more than the previous most popular iPhone 6s and 6s Plus,the latter circulation is 4.7 million units.
    Currently forecast about 3.9 million iPhone 6/6 Plus mobile phone is being used,these devices are Apple's first breakthrough 4-inch screen size of the fact the company recently launched a 32GB iPhone 6,probably want to be able to attract those who want "cheap" iPhone and do not want the iPhone SE this small size of the screen users.

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